Q Barbeque: It Really is Award Winning

Photo Courtesy of VA Food Head

Much is made about barbecue in the Richmond, and the area isn’t even considered a hub for this type of cooking. Those accolades often go to the likes of St. Louis, Austin,and Memphis. So while it might not be the BBQ capital, it is has its share of national personalities, with George “Tuffy” Stone of TLC’s Pit Masters, maybe being the most popular.

Stone made his name in the BBQ world through multiple successes at various competitions across the country. His accomplishments can be verified with the plethora of awards and trophies from BBQ competitions. Q Barbeque, Stone’s retail barbeque establishment, gives the masses a chance to try this award winning meat that is often reserved for those attending a competition.

It is no surprise that the food is fantastic. It’s hard to go wrong with the pulled pork or the brisket; however, it is the ribs and chicken wings, I crave. The ribs always have a nice smoke ring, heavy smoke flavor, and a tender but not mushy consistency. The wings are cooked in the smoker for flavor, added to the fryer for crispy texture and then liberally sauced. Speaking of sauce, Q allows their patrons to choose between 3 different sauces- Original, SA-Weet, and Hot Zing- all of which are thick and tomato based.

Not feeling like meat, the sides alone could make an amazing meal- crispy Hush Puppies, Corn Pudding that rivals grandma’s, and comforting, home style Mac & Cheese. There is dessert, but the Pineapple Hot Dish, on the side dish menu, is a sweet, buttery euphoric experience.  All this can be washed down by sweet tea, lemonade, or Cheerwine that is featured on their soda fountain.

Located near Walmart and Sam’s Club in Midlothian, the original Q Barbeque Restaurant, serves as a shrine to the many trophies and plaques Tuffy has garnered over the years. Q is also growing. Along with a location in Hampton Roads, they have recently opened a second Richmond location in northern Henrico County near Virginia Center Commons.

Q Barbeque
2077 Walmart Way
Midlothian, VA 23113

1070 Virginia Center Pkwy
Glen Allen, VA 23060

Matt Sadler, aka The Marinara (@theMarinara), is a local food lover and writer who has been finding his food adventures in Richmond and around the world for the past 12 years. You can find Matt’s writings in Richmond Magazine, Richmond.com, RVA News, and The House of Marinara. An IT consultant by trade, Matt spends his evenings teaching his two boys that the best food often comes in the most unlikely places.


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